VoIP Telephone Service

Some Facts about VoIP Service


VoIP is here to stay

The VoIP technology was introduced to the Internet before the Internet was ready. The Internet is ready now and the VoIP Internet Phone Service is here to stay. Almost everybody needs a phone of some sort. A mobile phone isn’t for everyone. The prices for a mobile phone are almost as outrageous as a landline phone plan. People want cheap Internet phone service and a VoIP or digital phone plan is the cheapest way to go for a home or business telephone service.
The larger companies charge too much money for their Internet phone service. There is absolutely no reason for the prices they charge. VoIP Uprising has many alternatives for cheap Internet phone service. VoIP is here to stay so why pay more?

Voice quality is excellent

The voice quality of a digital phone service is excellent. The voice quality of an Internet phone service is just as good, if not better than that of a landline phone service. The VoIP phone service breaks your voice down to a digital form. The landlines are still using analog voice signals to transfer your calls. Comparing landline voice quality to digital phone quality is like comparing an MP3 recording to a cassette tape. There is no comparison, digital quality is far more superior and keeps getting better.

VoIP is reliable

VoIP Internet phone service is only as reliable as your broadband Internet connection. If you have reliable Internet access, you will have reliable VoIP service.
Phone and Cable companies charge too much for VoIP service
That is an understatement. The larger companies charge more because people pay more. If people continue to pay the higher prices for VoIP service, then we will be paying those high prices for generations to come. We cannot let the large companies put the smaller, more reliable, Internet phone service providers out of business. If that happens, they will form a monopoly on Internet phone services just as the landline phone companies did in the past. The people that still use a landline telephone service are still paying for that mistake.

You can use your existing phone

You can use your existing phones with VoIP digital phone services. The service providers will send you a preconfigured router to plug into your existing Internet connection. All you have to do is plug your existing phone into the router and make a phone call just as you normally would.

You can buy a VoIP phone and take it with you

There are VoIP phones available that either plug into your existing Internet connection or they can use Wi-Fi technology to make a digital phone call. If you choose to use a VoIP phone, you can take it with you and use it wherever there is an Internet connection. You can be across the globe and use your Internet phone just as if you were at home.

You do not need a computer to use an Internet Phone Service

You do not need a computer to use a VoIP service but you do need a broadband Internet connection.

The person you are talking to does not need to have a VoIP service.

You can make phone calls just as you would with a landline or a cell phone. The person you are calling does not need to have an Internet phone. You can call a cell phone or a landline just as you always have in the past.

VoIP is cheaper than regular landlines

VoIP Internet phone service is cheaper than landline services because it is an unregulated service. The governments haven’t stepped in so the VoIP service providers do not need to charge all of the extra government charges that apply to a regulated service. Compare the prices of Internet phone service providers to any landline phone service available and chances are VoIP is cheaper.

Power Failure and VoIP

If the power goes out, unless you are using an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), you will lose your Internet phone service. If you are using an UPS on your cable modem, router and digital phone, there is a good chance that you will not lose your phone service during a power outage. The fact is that if you are using a cordless phone with regular phone service, you will lose your phone service too. Many people do not realize that fact.