Patch management

Patch management

Patch management is a large concern, often overlooked by businesses and IT departments. With new vulnerabilities being discovered almost daily, keeping systems up-to-date with patches is often a full-time job, especially in larger environments. In addition, the lag time between when a vulnerability is discovered and when a virus or worm appears is now measured in days or weeks rather than months. This puts tremendous pressure on businesses to ensure timely installation of patches so security holes remain closed not only in the Windows operating system, but also in other applications that are used on desktops and servers. 4BBCorp offers complete patch management solutions to its Managed Service Clients.

Managed Service Clients also benefit from complete reporting on their environment. Customized reports can be automatically scheduled or provided on demand for a very large variety of metrics. Some of these may include:

  • Uptime Reports
  • Server/VM Resource Utilization
  • Network Monitoring Reports
  • Patch Health
  • Antivirus Health
  • Backup Reporting

4BBCorp patch management ultimately keeps your network up and running smoothly and efficiently and reduces problems, downtime and costs.